Who we are, established in 1961 as a state company, and in 1972 changed to PT Indra Karya, which was initially engaged in the field of general contractors. In 1978 the company reorganized and changed its line of business into consulting services in the field of engineering and management. Since then, the company developed into a strong company and established to be one of the prominent consulting firms in the field of engineering in Indonesia.

As its preliminary step which becomes the basic fundament for further development, PT Indra Karya concentrated its field of business in undertaking electric power and water
resources development projects. The success in achieving its objectives in the preliminary step has encouraged the company to carry out diversification efforts to other fields of specialization in line with the growing market segments. Since then PT Indra Karya has been succeeded in completing all the assignments which had been undertaken from feasibility studies, detailed design to construction supervision and project management.

The growth and achievement gained has motivated the company to strengthen its staff
to about 400 personnel consisting of engineers, economists, management experts, computer specialists, technicians, and administration staff.

To enhance the knowledge and skill of its personnel, associations with leading foreign
companies have been carried out, especially in undertaking large-scale engineering projects with high technology. PT Indra Karya has been registered in the IBRD, ADB, OECF/JBIC, and World Bank. Within this capacity, PT Indra Karya has been entrusted to carry out consulting services as Lead Firm of consultants association for IBRD financed projects (HEPP Musi and Central Java Transmission & Substation project) and ADB (HEPP Tanggari II and Sengguruh HEPP).

At present the Persero PT. Indra Karya already has business areas located throughout Indonesia which are managed by 5 (five) Division Offices namely:

  1. Division Engineering I, with business fields including Water Resource Development
  2. Division Engineering II, with business fields including Construction Supervision
  3. Division Engineering III, with business fields Non-Water Resource Development (Road and Bridge, Building, Energy, etc)
  4. Division of Industry, with business on Drinking water industry "INFRESH"
  5. Division of Survey and Investigation covering Topographical & Mapping Survey, Geological & Geotechnical Survey, Hydrology & Hydrometeorology
  6. Division of Developer, with business fields Procurement, Developer, Clean water
  7. Division of Unit Hydrology, with business fields on data hydrology analytics.